28. 06. 2014
Introducing our traditional and experimental lemonades in Café Morgal

The lemonades in Cafe Morgal unite the traditional with a new wave in soft drinks. On the drinks menu you'll find the traditional Trebic soft drinks from ZON and amazing Berlin organic lemonades from PROVIANT.

which we first experienced in Berlin and thanks to their flavors and their story we just had to have them in our selection.

Proviant Lemonades started a few years ago with a group of Berlin classmates. Their original plan to open a shop with coffee happened, but they were blown away by the response to their drinks made from fruit puree. Their smoothies were made in Kreuzburg and distributed in organic food stores. Then one guy came up with the idea of making lemonades. Instead of the usual way of making lemonades using stabilizers and concentrates, they used only soda or mineral water, cane sugar, fresh lemon or rhubarb juice. The whole story is here: http://www.tip-berlin.de/essen-und-trinken/limonade-von-proviant-fruchtmanufaktur. All Ingredients from ecological farming. Pleasant fizzes on the tongue and stimulates the senses!

In cafe morgal we currently have, rhubarb, lemon, orange and apple proviant.

Come and taste it!